What is ETF ,diffrent from mutual fund

Means the ETF is exchange traded fund or a fund that is listed on the stock market and purchased the stock and can be sold, the bouquet of the different flowers of a kind stock market indices, which includes the same stocks such are the BSE Sensex or Nifty changes in the value of real-time and Muchy about this can bench ever buy in person trading day It is different from the original fund because they can be bought only after the market closes once in a day. ETFs can have many types of investment including stock and bonds, thereby there are several types of ETFs, government bonds, municipal bonds, corporate bonds and industry-based ETFs, Commodity ETFs Invest in gold and crude oil items, however, investors have to pay brokerage charges for ETFs. Actually, the start of ETF started in the US in 1993, the price of ETF Based on the net asset value of the inherent share or the item ie the NAV, E TF is a type of index fund and the index fund is a type of mutual fund but it looks like the stock market index.


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