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Mars Environment Replicated For ‘Martian Chamber,’ Scientist Finds Life Thriving

Mars Environment Replicated For ‘Martian Chamber,’ Scientist Finds Life ThrivingKEY POINTS
A scientist created a Martian Chamber to replicate Mars' environmentEarth-based living organisms thrive inside the Martian ChamberThe Martian Chamber suggests the possible existence of life on Mars A scientist made a surprising breakthrough after replicating the environmental conditions of Mars for his Martian Chamber invention. According to the scientist, the chamber can fully support life. The intriguing invention was developed by Dr. Jean-Pierre Paul De Vera of the German Spatial Research Center in Berlin. Details of his achievement were presented through Amazon Prime’s innovation-based program “Tomorrow’s World Today.” According to De Vera, the Martian Chamber is an exact representation of Mars’ conditions. For his invention, the scientist recreated the various factors that characterize the Red Planet such as its atmospheric pressure, temperature, chemical composition and even its ultrav…